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Separation & Divorce

the Perfect Storm of emotions, finances and children

Family mediation in our Family Harbour is a safe place to be while you work out your separation and divorce.  A harbour to safeguard your children and shelter your financial wellbeing from the high costs of other family dispute settlement processes like family court.

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Marriage breakdown is traumatic but it doesn't have to be contentious. This is essential when children are involved. Be that as it may, it is also a time when you need to make very well informed and grounded decisions that will alter the rest of your and possibly your children's life. Family Mediation using our Family Harbour method may make the difference of tens of 1000 of dollars and months or even years of delay.  

Often the decisions you make early in the separation process and the route you take will make a significant difference on your and your children’s future.
While traditional family mediation and collaborative law have served us well,

Divorce the Smartway’s Family Harbour is a new standard in divorce mediation, a fresh conceptual approach to how divorce settlements are reached.
The Family Harbour approach is step-by-step strategic family mediation methodology that empowers decision making and focuses on settlement.

More about Divorce the SmartWay 

  • Our Family Harbour™ methodology sets us apart from traditional Family Mediation.
  • The Family Harbour™ is the way out of the storm to new beginnings.
  • A New Standard in Divorce Mediation
  • Qualified Team of Professionals, Financial Specialists, Mediators and Family Coaches
  • Cost is a fraction of the traditional adversarial approach
  • Committed to achieving settlement within 90 days of financial disclosure
  • Custom "Child Centered" co-parenting negotiations and plans
  • Cut the Cost, Ease the Stress, Save Time and Safeguard the Children in the Family Harbour

Come and sit with one our Divorce Mediators or call, we will explain your options for free

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